vendredi 11 juillet 2014

mercredi 9 juillet 2014

7/8 - 7/9

All day in the rain. We decided to explore the Tierpark on a day that it wouldn't stop. But we still had a good time. We had the entire park to ourselves to just explore and walk around.

A very similar thing happened on Wednesday too. It rained as soon as we decided to do anything. We tried to walk around as much as we could, and we took a very similar route in respect to what we did monday: had lunch at the same place, ordered the same exact thing, and walked through museum island.

This time though we made our way to the Reichstag building. We signed up for a free tour earlier, but it ended up not confirming over email, so we weren't allowed inside...

Tomorrow I'm off to Brussels, and Aryeh leaves for Paris. After that we'll be back in the states on the 16th. Can't wait!! I'll keep posting until then of course, but he and I are parting ways till I get back to Michigan.

mardi 8 juillet 2014



Today we got to go to museum island and experience the Pergamon museum. I've always wanted to see the Ishtar gate, and it was pretty crazy being right next to the old gates of Babylon.

The museum was mainly architecture, so the main exhibits are the gate and the Pergamon altar. It would be really cool to do a projection-type installation with the missing friezes...

We also got some good time to chill outside. It was raining really hard when we left, but it cleared up beautifully :)

We spent the night just chilling and taking it easy. I got some help from aryeh on the new magic deck that I've decided to start building...